The Bizarchives

The Bizarchives is a book series that brings fresh, new works of pulp fiction to the public, and over time we will be unearthing some of the classics which shaped the genre. To learn more about the genre, see our section on Pulp Fiction.

We feature stories by amateur authors from the US, the UK, and elsewhere. We are, in a sense, re-democratizing the art of fiction writing itself.

In a time when classic motifs and subcultures seem to have been co-opted and subsequently corrupted by elites who have lost touch with the spirit of what made our stories so compelling in the first place, it is upon us to pick up the torch, light it with the fire of our forebears, and carry on into the fog of the unknown.

The Bizarchives is a publication of the Midgard Institute, a center for Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature. In collaboration with Midgard, The Bizarchives is striving to keep these arts alive for future generations, adding to the immeasurable wealth that is English Literature.

Aspiring writers are encouraged to visit Midgard’s School for Scribes for general writing tips and ongoing instruction in English syntax.

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