Content Guidelines

Style of The Bizarchives

Within the genres of pulp are a huge array of themes and aesthetics. However, The Bizarchives focuses specifically on the darker side of things: dark fantasy, cyberpunk, grimdark sci-fi, cosmic horror and various other genre mash ups. While we do accept more light hearted genres like epic fantasy and space operas, we prefer settings that are weird and strange. Bleak realities of future technology, anti-hero protagonists, and otherworldly magic that boggles the mind.

The Bizarchives looks for originality of settings and characters but also masterful command of prose. While pulp is considered by the academic to be “low brow,” we as pulp authors pride ourselves on poetic style and vibrant descriptions. Modern horror and action has traded its soul for gore, vulgarity and cheap shock value. Instead, we present our work tastefully and without degeneracy for the sake of degeneracy. Savage barbaric wastelands and grim futurist megaslums are going to have gritty situations. However, we will immediately reject anything blatantly pornographic or promoting sexual deviancy.

For the more technical side of submitting, see Formatting Standards.