Man in the 25th Century

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Armageddon 2419 and Airlords of Han.

The original works that inspired Buck Rogers

A man by the name of Anthony Rogers finds himself by strange circumstances hurled through time and trapped in the 25th century. A dystopian future where the American people have fallen and find themselves under the boot of a tyrannical menace from the far east. As the tribes of future America scurry among camouflaged forest hideouts, Rogers quickly becomes part of a last stand resistance against the dreaded Han as they seek to hunt and exterminate the last American survivors. First published in a 1928 issue of Amazing Stories, this classic by prolific pulpster Philip Francis Nowlan was considered to be both prophetic and visionary. The Bizarchives is proud to bring this thrilling tale of survival and strange science through the centuries to once again give readers a chilling glimpse into what could be their future


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