The Bizarchives Issue #1

The Inaugural Release

We made our way through the crowded cobbled streets to where Mr. Tavistock Brandley lay in a spreading pool of blood. It was as gruesome a sight as I had ever seen. A crowd began to form around the four of us. The cadaver was just inside an alleyway, and the heaps of rotten vegetables stacked in crates next to him added to the already pungent smell of the rancid-tasting air. The place reeked of gone off cabbages and turnips, but it still failed to mask the stench of spilled blood and of bowels voided in death.
I wonder if this was where Mr. Peebles found his stock. An inappropriate time for such a thought, perhaps.

–excerpt from The “Cyhyraeth of Drughbury Moor” by Robert C. Booth

Open the door, if you dare, and step across the threshold and into the realm of the Bizarchives.

Here you’ll find our first release of stories that awaken the imagination, torment the mind, and make you question what you know.

Thank you to all who supported us from the beginning, and welcome to those of you just now joining the adventure!

Featuring the following stories:

• “The Cyhyraeth of Drughbury Moor” by Robert C. Booth
• “The Contest Between Life and Death” by Jim Bonner
• “The Strange Case of Mr.H” by Joanna Raphaella
• “Red Ivy” by Liberty Magee
• “Lex and the Lost Girl” by Dave Martel
• “White Dragon” by MS Jones
• “Atli’s Folly” by Emre B Tan
• “Cat’s Cradle Rosary” by Greg Kay
• “AFDM, Chapter 1” by Black Pope Vice
• “They Never Woke Up” by Dave Martel
• “Baby Teeth” by Shane Hawks
• “A Shot at Redemption” by H.G. Byron
• “Grandma Moves In” by Will Martin
• “Tanner’s Gold” by A. Cuthbertson